Some Engaging And Fun Water Activities

Water games are fun activities that most family and friends can and love to partake in together. These activities help in strengthening family bonds, team work among teams, improving one’s hand-eye coordination and boosting stamina and strength. They can take place in swimming pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Some of the different kinds of water games/activities are described below.


Scuba Diving


a couple scuba diving


Most of us know what scuba diving is. The diver uses a self-contained breathing apparatus designed for under water use, carrying their own tank of compressed oxygen. They use fins that are attached to their feet to enable them to move faster in the water, and a wet suit to keep them from getting too cold. Some people do this as a hobby, while it can also be used by scientists, military divers or media divers for work related issues.




wind surfing


This is a surface water activity that combines windsurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, gymnastics and wake boarding all in one. The kiteboarder depends on the power of the wind, which is held with a power kite, to propel them across the water on their water board. This allows them to do flips through the air when the wind lifts them upward or ride waves faster when the wind pulls them sideways. It’s all about control, and more than a million people enjoy this activity/sport every year.


Pool Scrabble


scrabble played in the pool


Scrabble is a game that uses letters to create words, incorporated into the pool, and it’s a fun way to engage the children and still assist them in learning. In pool scrabble, letters are written on material that can float or sink, and the swimmers find the pieces to make words and then put the words on the edge of the swimming pool.


Rubber Duck Race


racing rubber ducks


Just as the name implies, a rubber duck race involves racing rubber ducks on water (preferably a river or stream), and is commonly called derby duck races. This activity is mostly for fundraising events where the duck is given a number, which allows the participants to ‘adopt’ a rubber duck for a small fee. All the ducks are then dumped into a body of water. If the player’s duck crosses the finish line first, they can win money or other prizes.




yellow kayaks


Kayaks can be sit on tops or sit-ins, and can be used for fishing, diving, racing, sailing, or exercise. It can also be done with Origami Kayaks, a foldable kayak that allows one to easily carry the it from one location to another. The MY CANOE Origami Kayak has made interactions with nature easier by allowing one to carry it in a backpack, then unfold it and head out on the water from anywhere.


Water Skiing


water skiing in the ocean


Water skiing is a surface water sport where an individual is pulled behind a boat over a body of water, mostly lakes, for a smooth ride. One is tied with a tow rope to a boat and skis fast on the surface of the water. They can do tricks on ramps or just hold on and enjoy the ride. It’s a fun activity that is open for people of all skills and ages to enjoy.




There are many more water activities to participate in, these just being a few to get started. Water games/activities/sports have proven to be good for your health, your state of mind, and most importantly, they help to increase confidence in you and your children. For the more extreme activities, make sure to wear a life jacket for added safety. Have fun out there!