Mixing Frisbee With Golf? It’s Disc Golf!

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Disc Catcher

Disc golf is a flying disc sport game invented in the early 1900’s. It uses the same rules and techniques of the classical old game of traditional golf, but instead of using clubs and balls, players actually use flying discs! It’s pretty interesting, especially for those who don’t really like regular golf and are good at throwing a frisbee. You might have thought, as I did, ‘What are those baskets with nets for in this park?’, well now you’ll know!


Origin And History

Although the sport of disc golf is thought to have been invented in the early 1900’s, modern and contemporary disc golf currently being played around the world only started in the early 1960’s. The sport has gained wide acclaim and acceptance and there are currently more than 35,000 players indulging in the sport in more than 47 countries around the globe.




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Currently there are more than 47 countries recognized by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) where this sport is being played. These include the United States, Canada, and the European countries. There are thousands of courses throughout these countries that provide facilities for amateurs, as well as professional disc golf players.


Rules And Strategies

The rules and techniques of PLAYING DISC GOLF are the same as those of regular golf. There are 18 holes in regular golf, and it’s the same in disc golf, only with baskets instead of holes. Instead of using a standard club for hitting the ball off the Tee pad, the disc golf player uses his arms for throwing the disc towards a suspended catching post, an elevated metal basket called the Disc Catcher.

aiming for the target

The foot should be firmly placed on the Tee mat (for professionals) and should not cross the front of the Tee while throwing the disc. Multiple throws can be made in order to reach the metal basket. Once a throw has been made, the next throw is made from the point where the disc previously landed. In order to complete a hole, a player needs to put the disc inside the metal basket. The disk can either rest in the basket or in the metal chains of the Disc Catcher.


Pars and Yardage

The Par lengths and yardage for disc golf are the same as regular golf. There are Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5 holes in disc golf. The only difference is that regular golf is measured in yards, whereas disc golf is measured in feet.


Disc Types


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There are two types of discs most commonly used in disc golf, the drivers and the putters. Drivers are discs that are designed to cut through the air and hence have sharp edges. Putters, on the other hand, have thick edges and are usually used while throwing from a close range, as they fly more in a straight line. The disc types and weights are important characteristics that must be kept in mind while playing the game.


Disk Golf Community


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Disc golf is an emerging sport, the fourth fastest growing sport in the United States. More and more people and athletes are taking interest in the sport. People travel to different states and countries to take part in tournaments and matches. Various online forums have been set up to guide and encourage people to play the sport.