Skydiving Basics For Beginners!

fully extended parachute


Remember the favorite line in the movie, Toy Story, that says “This isn’t flying, it’s falling with style!”? Well this is definitely true of skydiving, an experience that sets your adrenalin incredibly high. There’s no limit when it comes to using various styles of falling, not to mention the thrill of simply falling through the air.

Diving styles may vary, from falling with hands stretched on the air to more complicated maneuvers like somersaults, flat turns and formation skydiving. It can be so much fun, whether you do it alone or as part of a team. It is open for individuals who are 18 years old and above. Those who are over 40 may require a medical certificate from a doctor, and the activity is limited to individuals not heavier than 220 lbs.

Those who have disabilities, but would really love to experience the thrill of skydiving, can go tandem skydiving. Tandem skydiving is when one person is attached to the other (mostly a teacher attached to a student), with only the top person pulling the cord on the parachute and both people floating down together. It allows people who are handicapped to feel more alive and frees their minds of their own limitations for a while. It’s truly a beautiful moment!


handicapped skydiver


There is a pure adrenalin rush brought about by the extreme joy of total freedom once you’re up there, falling from the sky. It’s like dancing with the wind and being one with universe. Once you learn how to control your body to perform some maneuvers in mid-air, the thrill is unimaginable. The first few jumps can be daunting and scary, but remember that all skydivers were once beginners as well. Groups of skydivers are a happy and exciting bunch, willing to give some tips and share their experiences if you are really serious about pursuing skydiving.


group skydiving


If you are up to it and willing to experience this breathtaking jump from the air, then be prepared for the fact that skydivers jump out of the plane at about 13,000 feet. People with a fear of heights (who most likely wouldn’t be doing this anyway) will have a hard time with this. But the thrill will be well worth it. After pushing yourself to jump to freefall, stay in the air for a period of time, open your parachute, then descend slowly until you are at a safe landing speed. Timing is very important, as you don’t want to land at a fast speed and injure yourself.

Here are some skydiving terms to know:

Formation Skydiving is combining and holding different formations before breaking off and opening the parachute.

group activity

Freestyle Skydiving is considered the most entertaining one, where skydivers perform acrobats in the air, like tumbles, rolls and other formations before opening the parachute and landing.

doing tricks

Free Flying is the art of controlling your body to move in different ways while in freefall, like back flying, sit flying and head down.

head down

Accuracy Landing is the kind of skydiving where the diver earns points by landing on or very close to a target on the ground.

parachuting to target

Base is considered the most extreme and dangerous. BASE stands for building, antennae, span and earth. Divers jump off of a structure, like a tall building, but this may result in entanglement and a collision.

jumping off building

Skysurfing is when the skydiver has a board attached to his feet, while falling from the sky. Control is difficult, especially when standing up, since this requires skill and balance.

surfing in the sky

Wingsuit Flying is when a skydiver wears a specially designed suit like an airfoil, lifting the diver to an advanced level of control and descent speed.

skydiving with a wingsuit

So go ahead and feel the thrill of flying and falling that only skydriving can provide. Now that you know the basics, you can decide for yourself whether you want to do it. If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to go tandem skydiving with a teacher or a friend who’s experienced. Know the dangerous situations so you’ll know what to do in an emergency, and ask a lot of questions. Good luck with your exciting adventure!

5 Beautiful Places To Hike In Oregon

Have you ever visited Oregon? If you do, and you’re the active type, you might want to learn about some great places to hike while you’re there. Few urban cities in America have such stately green spaces, giving sightseers views that are beautiful, remote and quiet within the city.

We have put together a list of hiking trails in Oregon that’ll leave your legs burning while providing loads of clean, fresh air and stunning views:

1. Oxblow Regional Park

Be sure to go with your fishing rod for a fun day of hiking and fishing. This park in Gresham is well-known for fishing and is close to Oregon camping. Oxblow Regional Park offers a 3.3-mile loop that includes long stretches. One of the fascinating features of this park is the “ancient forest”, which is composed of large hundred-year-old trees that rise above the trail and river.

Oxblow Regional Park

2. Washington Park

Beautiful deep woods and a mountain view makes this Portland gem one of the best hikes within Oregon. The Wildwood Trail begins and ends at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where signs for the trail are posted throughout the hike to ensure safety and prevent health hazards.

Washington Park in OR

3. Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek State Park can be found inside one of the major metropolitan areas, just minutes from downtown Portland, if driving. The park provides several activities within its boundaries, such as a 659-acre park with several good hiking trails to follow. If you are experiencing health challenges that will hinder your foot from long trips, come along with a bike.

It is a good idea for the whole family to be fit in order to view the entire 2.7-mile loop. Starting at the visitor’s center, follow Old Main Trail, then the Red Fox Trail to the loop.

fun at the park

4. Mount Tabor

This park, also in Portland, takes you through a 2 mile hike from the 60th Avenue Trailhead that brings you to the summit of a dormant volcano with amazing views of downtown Portland and Mount Hood. Various routes can be taken to complete the hike, with many things to admire, such as picnic areas, playgrounds and statues.

park in Portland

5. Lower Macleay Park

There is parking space for your bikes and cars at the Lower Macleay Park in Portland. After packing, begin by walking under the Thurman Street Bridge. There are various trail options to choose from, but by focusing on the Wildwood Trail, you are guaranteed to reach the beautiful Pittock Mansion.

mansion on trails

BONUS: Cave Hiking

Cave hiking is one of the more risky types of recreational hiking. This movement requires particular security hardware and long haul items. Along with various light sources, suitable dress, adequate nourishment and water, one should likewise try to bring rope and climbing gloves. If you are considering cave hiking, contact an expert who can give you ideas for the right hardware needs and precautionary measures.

hiking through a cave


Hiking Oregon trails is a mind blowing experience. You will get a thrill with these few trails, all with their own remarkable scenes and delights. Regardless of where you hike, you will be continually surprised by the beauty Oregon has to offer. Stay tuned for more great features of this stunning state!